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Iowa Assessment Practice Tests

We offer practice materials for the state standardized and Common Core exams for both home and school use. 

There are thousands of questions in our exams that quiz the students in all subject areas including Math, Language Arts, Reading, Science and Social Sciences.  A student can go through the questions of a mock test and get instant results with our Online Practice Tests.  Once tests have been completed, the student, parents and teachers can also see detailed charts and graphs tracking the student progress.

Practice Tests for Common Core Exams

Highlights of Our Practice Tests

  • Instant Results

  • Choose a time limit for tests

  • Compatible with iPads and other tablet devices

  • Common Core materials

  • Explanation of Answers or Testing Tips

  • Charts and Graphs tracking progress

  • Common Core Standard information for each question

  • Affordable Prices - from $19.97!

Exclusive National Percentile Comparison Report

This report allows you to compare how well the student is doing in each subject as compared with others nationwide.  It is meant to emulate the sorts of reports you would get from the actual exams.

There is also a detailed breakdown of performance in each particular standard so that you can drill down to determine exactly where improvement is needed.  The report is included in our one year package.

Percentile Comparison Report

Percentile Comparison Scores


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