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About The Iowa Tests (ITBS)

Parent and Child Practicing - IowaTestPractice.comThe Iowa Test has become a major component of every student's school year. For teachers and parents, the Iowa Test has become a major concern because the student's future, the teacher's review, and even school funding can depend on the results.

If you live in Iowa, then most likely your child or student will be taking the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, more commonly known as the Iowa Test. Preparing your child for Iowa Testing can help improve their performance in school, as well as secure funding for your child’s continued education.

The Importance of the Iowa Test

The Iowa Test, also referred to as the ITBS, was developed in the 1930s by the University of Iowa, which still administers the test and evaluates the results. While the Iowa Test is used by schools in other states, it is most popular in its home state.
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The Iowa Test covers a wide range of subjects which vary depending on the grade level of the students. More subjects are covered in older grades and topics vary as well. Areas examined by the Iowa Test include Science, Mathematics, Language, Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Problem Solving, Maps and Diagrams and more.

Iowa Testing is unique because it is specifically meant to not only evaluate current knowledge, but to identify areas that should be reinforced or that have not been covered in a child's education. The results of the ITBS test can help teachers, schools and parents to identify areas of focus for the rest of the school year.


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